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Muzee Digital is a company that aims at promoting and distributing music and videos for everyone and to everyone through outlets like internet, TV, Radio, and Clubs. It is a combination of music streaming services and a social media platform that promotes music and showbiz alike. Muzee Digital is a holding company for three sub-corporations; Muzeeplay, Muzee Distro and Muzee Social which have distinct but related services, markets and opportunities. These sub-corporations are interconnected with a goal to promote and distribute music and videos across the globe.

Muzeeplay is music app for streaming, sales and distribution of Cameroonian / African music and videos. It offers a combination of music streaming services and a social media outlet to promote music in particular and showbiz in general. The app has a well-structured statistical system that enables artists to track their earnings based on the number of streams and downloads of their music. Muzeeplay is available on Google Play Store.

Muzee Distro is an online music distribution platform that delivers music and videos to music apps and other major online music stores like Muzeeplay, Boomplay, Shazam, Spotify, YouTube etc. that offers more opportunities than any other online music distributor and is embedded with rich features that helps to promote, distribute and sell in Cameroon, Africa and the World. Just like Muzeeplay, Distro is built with system that enables artists monitor and track their earnings with regards to the streams and downloads of their music. You can contact us through www.muzeedistro.com

Muzee Social is a promotional platform that promotes music through social network channels. It helps artists in sharing their music on social media, organising radio and TV tours and adding their music to the playlists of top Cameroonian DJs. More info at www.muzeedigital.com

Muzee Digital is embedded with great and unique features that helps to bridge the gap between artists and fans while keeping them entertained, promote, distribute and sell music locally and internationally. Muzee Digital and its sub-corporation are consolidated within the same location in Bonaberi, Douala to facilitate operations, employee and management training, accounting procedures, and inventory management.